Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Penthouse Magazine & Icadon - Sex Haze & Hip Hop Trailor!!!

What's good yall?? My "Sex, Haze & Hip Hop" Mixxxtape & Dvd will be dropping on June 12th!!!! Hosted by, Rock Of Love Bus Winner & Penthouse Magazine 'Pet Of The Year' - Taya Parker!!! You do not want to miss this!!! Here goes the trailor for it:

Check us out on Rock Me TV:

Download My New Single Off of it here:

Head On The Dance Floor -

They banned this song in 13 citys & it's the Top Single in 24 states!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Icadon's 1st Single: Head On The Dance Floor!

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What it dew yall? I'm chilling on this beautiful day in NYC! Starting a Forrest Fire as usual & burning them trees down!

I got a question for y'all... Have any of yall ever gotten head in the club? I know this sounds like some disgusting unheard of shit but the art of getting head in the club is not to be seen getting head in the club.

It's erotic, dangerous, clever & done by those who like to live on the edge, like me! I was in Bungalo 8 in NYC & it was popping... Top models & entertainers from all over the world was in here. I'm @ my section in the kut with my Flatbush goons... Shout to Regent & 21st - my old block... I also had some big business dudes with me from cali...

So I'm chilling in the club sippin' on sum Henry IV with my enterouge & I see a group of NYC super models - I happened to be dating one of them. So, I go to the dance floor & it's packed with people doing all kinda weird ass dances. NY is crazy! I squeeze my way up to her & say, "wassup?" She sees me, smiles & hugs me. She presses up close to me, put her arms around me & whispers in my ear, "Hey Ica." then she sticks her tounge in my ear.

Now she's not a hood chick so she acts kinda square, but she was the baddest bitch in NYC at the time. She was sweet, sexy, smart & she had more heart than some dudes I knew. So we're dancing real close & she's dipping down & coming up, spinning & grindin her ass on me... She turn towards me & put her arms around my neck again. She whispers in my ear, "I wanna suck you right here, right now." I'm thinking shorty playing & I start to laugh. She took it as a yes & put her hands in my pants & pulls me out in 2 seconds flat. I'm looking around to make sure no one saw her. No one did. I look at her & say, "No. Not here. Let's go in the bathroom."

Now mind you shorty got me in her right hand which is pressed between me & her stomach & her left arm around my neck. No one could see it tho. She smiles & says, "your a pussy". She keeps dancing then she drops down quick, licks me like 4 times then comes back up all in like 2 seconds. That was it! We danced for like 5 more minutes then I zipped up & jetted back to my section...

"Rock you not gonna believe this..." I met shorty after the party & zipped her to the loft... That was a long long time ago tho.. I'm with someone different now & we chilling Don P style.. That was a crazy experience.

I decided I had to put it on a track & share it with y'all...

"Wrote a song about it... Like to hear it? Here it go...":

Here it goes people!!! Download it here :

Mr. Digital - The Double Album - June 12th Registered & Protected